DigiCert Secure Site

€34.45 EUR Monthly
Protect your website or email traffic with industrial-strength 2048-bit encryption with a Secure Site SSL Certificate.

DigiCert Secure Site EV

€85.97 EUR Monthly
Secure Site Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates protect your most valuable assets–your customers and your brand–from phishing scams and online fraud.

What Is Standard DV SSL?

Domain Validation certificates offer an economical and quick way to implement SSL to your website. Domain Validated certificates verify you own the domain, but do not perform any additional organization level validation.

Domain Validated certificates are ideal for personal websites, blogs and social media, or any sites that are not transmitting private and confidential information. A Domain Validated certificate activates the browser padlock and enables the use of https to assure your website visitors and customers that you take their privacy seriously.
SSL Certificates - Domain Validation - What Is Standard DV SSL?

Why should I choose Standard SSL?

Delivered in Minutes for Instant Protection

The fastest and most affordable way to activate SSL protection for your website, issuance is quick and often fully automated.

Trust Site Seal

Our SSL Certificates come with a trust seal that has been proven to increase visitor confidence and customer conversions.

Boost your Google Ranking

Google uses SSL/HTTPS as a factor in determining search engine ranking. Add SSL today to help boost your Google ranking!

Standard SSL features

Encrypt Sensitive Data

SSL prevents unauthorized parties from intercepting sensitive data, such as login credentials and payment information, as it travels between a user's browser and a website's server. In the context of network security, SSL encryption helps safeguard against various threats, including malware and cyberattacks.

Secure Online Transactions

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. Companies and organizations need to add SSL certificates to their websites to secure online transactions and keep customer information private and secure.

Prove legitimacy

SSL certificate verification is the process of confirming the authenticity and validity of an SSL certificate presented by a website or server. SSL certificates are digital certificates that are used to establish a secure connection between a client (such as a web browser) and a server. They are essential for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data transmitted over the internet.

Strongest & Fastest

Domain Validated or Domain Validation SSL/TLS certificates are a lightning fast and economical way to secure internet testing domains, personal websites, blogs and other non-ecommerce sites. Using a DV SSL certificate, you can secure your website in a matter of minutes. And because validation is fully automated, DV SSL can be issued instantly-making a DV certificate the fastest and the cheapest type of SSL certificate.

99.9% Browser Compatibility

RekeVi.com certificates are accepted by over 99.9% of browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. This meets or exceeds trust levels of other leading certificate authorities such as Geotrust, Verisign and RapidSSL.

Increase SEO Rank

In order to get the most out of your SSL and increase your rankings potential it's important that you enable SSL encryption across every page of your website. A lot of times sites only put HTTPS on the pages that need it—don't do that. Google serves results on a page-by-page basis—not by your site as a whole.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits to purchace multi-year certificate?

Multi-year plans provide instant savings and consistent coverage in a simplified, long-term solution. While you will have to reissue your certificate each year per industry standards, you're guaranteed the lowest price today, and locked in with coverage for multiple years.

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